As we move through the stages of life what we need from a job differs too.

While retirement is on the horizon – and a job will assist with savings for later on – most mature workers are looking for much more from their job than money. Interesting work, meaningful connections and a chance to contribute are key to satisfaction (1).


Children are now more independent, although, for some, caring for grandkids may now be a consideration. So, flexibility – for carers leave, travel to see the world while you’ve got your heath, and time for necessary health checks – are highly valued by mature workers.


You’ll quite likely be drawn to engaging in roles that can provide a greater sense of purpose to the business you work for. Providing exemplary customer service to maintain a company’s reputation or overseeing the presentation of a community sporting facility are ideal jobs for mature individuals that bring a sense of pride.


As employers manage flexible working conditions, mature workers will prove to be an asset to business, demonstrating loyalty and sound judgment. It’s no surprise that studies show the happiest workers over 50 are recognised by their employers for making a positive contribution.

Given the life and work experience of mature workers, a good employer will recognise that older employees bring a collaborative spirit to the workplace and enable organisations to benefit from the diversity of intergenerational teams – blending the energy of youth and the experience of age. You deserve to feel appreciated.

If you think there’s anything else you think mature workers should be focusing on when looking for in a job send your thoughts here: