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We’re always keen to get feedback from our participants and thanks to all of those who engaged with us in November – more than 1000 of you – who have helped us learn more about how to help you find a job. We hope the 15 participants who won a Coles voucher have treated themselves!

Employment Plus helps people in right across Australia, with the exception of the NT and WA. We deliver Workforce Australia (WFA), Disability Employment Services (DES), ParentsNext and Jobs Victoria Employment Services (JVES) programs.

For those not familiar with the term ‘Net Promoter Score’ (NPS) – it’s the result we extract from our survey that lets us know if we’re generally meeting, failing or exceeding your expectations.

Zero is considered the starting point – the meeting of expectations. And any number north of that demonstrates we are exceeding expectations. Any number below suggests there is room for improvement.

We are pleased to report our results show our service have improved for participants with both DES and ParentsNext results in the ‘great’ range with NPS scores of 42 and 53, respectively. Our WFA and JVES programs scored in the ‘good’ range with NPS scores of 28 and 22.

We’re proud of these results – particularly for WFA as our older jobactive program was identified as coming up short in some areas when we surveyed in November 2021.

Below is a summary of some of the other things we’ve learned from this survey – but we’d also like to remind you that your job coach – or another person in our organisation – is always happy to discuss your own, individual experience with Employment Plus and anything we can do to improve our service to you.


  • 42% of you are looking for fulltime work, 27% part-time and 15% casual. Some or you indicated you were not currently looking for work.
  • Industries of interest have remained consistent, with retail, admin and health care still being most popular.
  • 47% of new WFA or DES participants said Employment Plus cared more about them than their previous provider, while 36% said they weren’t sure.
  • 87% said they had been in contact with EPlus in the last three months.
  • When asking what the benefits of paid work meant for them, ‘financial gain’ was the most popular answer, with the same percentage of respondents selecting this as in Nov 2021. ‘Security and less worries’ were the second most popular answer, which was previously ‘independence’ in Nov 2021.
  • ‘EPlus understands my unique and personal circumstances’ dropped slightly with 78% responding ‘yes’ compared to 80% in 2021.
  • We observed no change for ‘EPlus helps me find roles I can apply for’, with 58% saying yes, and 22% responding that there were 'no suitable roles yet'.
  • ‘EPlus staff helped me understand mutual obligations’ saw a small 2% drop to 88% affirmative.