10 things to do away from a screen in lockdown

Okay, we know you’re looking at a screen right now… but let’s help you spend the remainder of lockdown with your eyes locked more firmly on the world around you. It’s full of rich, wonderful learning opportunities and experiences.

  1. Write appreciation letters

We’ve all been missing people, right? But while phone chats, texts and Zoom have become the normal way to stay in touch, how about going old-school and hand writing a letter to a special friend or relative? It would mean a lot to them to receive something so thoughtful in these times.

  1. Journal this experience

If writing is your thing, why not record what life has been like for you in these pandemic times? Who knows – it may be a historical article in centuries to come! It doesn’t matter if you feel like a confident writer or not. Your experiences and feelings during this time are valuable for you to process and will be an interesting record to look back on.

3. Paint or Colour

Cheap art supplies are readily available online and via click and collect, even if you are in lockdown. If going free-style on a blank canvas feelings daunting, how about trying an adult colouring book? There are plenty of different options to try and it’s a great way to practice mindfulness if traditional meditation methods are not your thing.

4. Have a karaoke night in

Okay, so there’s a wee bit of screen time involved here, but potentially a lot of LOLs with those you’re stuck in lockdown with. Apps like AirConsole let you turn your smartphone into a mic so you can screech from the comfort of home. Although beware of the neighbours—everyone’s patience is a little thin right now!

5. Satisfy a curiosity

Perhaps you’ve always been fascinated by dinosaurs, or you’ve never read a biography. What was it like living through a key moment in history? Try a different genre of reading or research. Family or close neighbours can drop books in your letterbox and you’ll find whole new worlds waiting within those pages. Apps like Audible also offer free trials on audio books and have a wide range of ongoing free content. Listen to books as you go for a walk, get stuck into the cleaning, or drift off to sleep.

6. Embrace Podcasts

Speaking of being read to: there is a world of free entertainment waiting for you in the world of podcasts. True Crime seems to be a constant favourite but there is something for everyone out there. A quick Google will give you a list of the most popular podcasts trending around the world.

7. Try a fitness challenge

Don’t fancy the gym (or the hefty membership), or locked out because of lockdown? There are plenty of fitness challenges you can try from home, so you can work on your physical health without having to leave the house. You can find these online and then take them offline to get the heart racing. It could be a simple as walking 30mins every day for a month or building up your push ups.

8. Try amigurumi

Pardon me? New hobbies don’t get much cuter than amigurumi – the Japanese art of crocheting small creatures or characters. It’s a cheap hobby to start, and if you already have yarn lying around, you can find plenty of free patterns online.

9. Cook something new

One good thing about being stuck at home is you can finally spend time cooking things from scratch. Find great recipes to try, even if you’re on a limited budget. Maybe you could look to make preserves with seasonal ingredients, or have a go at a traditional Christmas pudding or practice a Pavlova ahead of the festive season.

10. Declutter and clean

Okay, okay… this may not seem fun at first. But it’s very satisfying and there are lots of studies that show just how clear our thinking and minds become when our homes area also free from mess. There might also be a bunch of stuff you’ve not gotten around to getting rid of, which might actually be worth something to someone else. Now’s the time to get on Gumtree or EBay and turn that trash into cash.