Every age and stage of life is different. And when we’re parents we have the extra responsibility of raising kids – which also comes with much added financial pressure.

Most parents in Australia need to work and many parents enjoy an identity outside of the home. But to keep ourselves happy and well and our family homes functioning, there are some important qualities we need in our work.

Ahead of money actually comes flexibility and work life balance [1].


When you have kids, the unexpected often happens. So it’s important to have a workplace that can understand if you arrive a little late or need to take your break at a different time to make an appointment. If you’ve got little ones there will also be a period where more family sick leave is needed. You want an employer that understand this flexibility is a personal requirement for you.

It can be a bit of a juggle needing flexibility but also wanting regular work and income. However, most smart employers know your party days are fewer than your colleagues without kiddos, and your work is important to your family’s livelihood.

Be proud to be a working parent.


Separate to needing some flexibility around working hours and carer days, parents also need to be able to create a balance between work and home.

This might mean looking for ways to not bring work home with you.

The most obvious is to be conscious of not having a role that requires you to do too much work outside of your scheduled hours. For example, those working in an office job may have extra tasks and need to bring a computer home to get stuff completed. Talk with your boss how you can balance that.

But we can also bring home the ‘mental load’ of work. The stresses of upcoming events or deadlines or just people that are challenging to work alongside. Some people need to incorporate a quick session at the gym or enjoy a podcast or favourite album on the way home to just decompress so that they can walk into their home ready for a different pace.

Some parents may actually want to do work in the evenings when their children are in bed and spend more time with the children during the day. Figure out what is going to be most appealing to you.


Given that you are not only spending time away from kids (sometimes a blessing) to earn an income, you may also be paying for someone else to mind them.

So being fairly remunerated is important. In addition to being happy with your working package you want to be sure you’re also happy with your super package and that if you need reliable income you can find a role that is full time or permanent part time.

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