There’s a lot of chat about Gen Z – often called Zoomers – not being as into work as older generations.

It can be frustrating to hear when you are on the hunt for a job and, with 30% of the workforce tipped to be Gen Zers by 2030[1], employers will need to learn to hold on to the emerging group of talent.

So, in the interests of making it fair on them, it’s probably a good idea to think about what things are important to us when we’re looking for work. If you know what to ask for, things will be a lot smoother in the role.

We’ve had a look around and compiled a list of things we think are important to the people born after 1997 when it comes to finding work.

Work-Life Balance

Whether you’re looking for part time or full-time work, this generation has already lived through a lot with pandemics and watching their parents workplace entirely evolve with the technological advances of the last 25 years.

Figure out what things are important to you in your life outside of work and how you can find a job that works in with the hobbies, people or activities that you value.

Social Responsibility

As a generation that has grown up with global warming as a legitimate fear in our foreseeable future, you probably care more about how your employer operates in regard to sustainability and how they treat their staff than your grandparents did when they were your age.

It’s good to work for a place you feel a sense of pride and aligned values with. Before going to an interview look into what a company does in the way of corporate and social responsibility. You might even find that you can make a positive contribution to this part of the business.


Yep, its roaring 20s (again – also called that 100yrs ago) and people are again kicking their heels up but for different reasons. Whether its ability, gender, sexuality, age or ethnicity, we know that Gen Z largely want to work at a place where everyone is welcome.

Again, knowing what your deal breakers are in how a company respects an individual’s individual choices may help you find a place that you’re happy to roll up to every day.

Fair Pay

Everyone wants this. Good pay would be even better. Sometimes when you’re younger and have less experience if feels like good remuneration can be a challenge. However, what you may lack in experience you may be able to offer in skills – especially the digital kind. When you’re looking for a job don’t forget to let your potential employer know that when it comes to learning anything technical, you’re probably quicker to pick up new tricks than any born before you!