Australia is hiring! Fill these jobs now!

Last updated: January 14, 2022

If you’ve ever worried about being rejected from job interviews or not having all the necessary skills or experience for a role… Now is your chance to be bold and try something new. Stop underselling yourself. Be brave. Australia needs you!

The pandemic has left many businesses with job openings – and many are great ‘learn as you go’ opportunities, which you can also complement with training courses to firm up a new career path for yourself.

The key areas employers really need help in right now are hospitality, cleaning, retail, general labour, warehousing and logistics. This trend has been strong for the past year and is only intensified by the current Covid outbreak.

In 2021, the roles we had the most job listings for were logistics roles. More than 1,800 jobs were posted for truck drivers, delivery drivers, warehousing and packing roles.

We also saw around 1,500 jobs advertised for general labourers and a further 1,500 jobs for retail sales assistants and store people.

Around 1,000 cleaning jobs were posted and a further 1,000 in hospitality.

The hospitality jobs included both ‘front of house’ staff interacting with customers and those assisting the kitchen. Hospitality has long been known as a great industry that teaches a multitude of skills. We expect listings for these jobs to only increase in the coming months.

After lockdowns and sickness, people really want to come together again. So, it’s also a great place to work because you’ll be a part of people connecting again.

In addition to learning on the job, Employment Plus can also provide you with a range of training programs to upgrade your skills. A Certificate III in Retail or Hospitality have been popular qualifications for many of our job seekers.

Chat to your recruiter about how you can help your community and build your skills at the same time!

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