Great jobs campaign in Ipswich

Employment Plus Ipswich deserves congratulations after a successful, and very high profile, jobs campaign.

Partnering with the Queensland Times, the local daily newspaper read by some 35,000 people, Employment Plus Ipswich developed and supported a major employment push called 50 Jobs for 50 People.

Every day over four weeks, the Queensland Times ran photos and short biographies of two job-ready candidates registered at Ipswich. In all, 50 job seekers were profiled.

Each biography contained an outline of the candidate’s work history, their personal attributes and the type of job they were looking for.

The newspaper further supported the campaign with a banner on its front page, an editorial about the campaign and stories of successful placements.

“The campaign was an out-of-the-box way to promote our local jobseekers,” said Naomi Duff, Site Team Manager at neighbouring Goodna, who helped manage the Employment Plus effort.

“I think it went really well and it worked on a number of levels,”

“It certainly got people into jobs, it’s produced a large number of leads which we are still following up, and it has raised the profile of Employment Plus enormously which will provide additional dividends in the future.”

It’s estimated that once all the leads are followed up, the campaign would have seen some 20 people employed.

“All the job candidates really appreciated being involved because it was a great way to progress their job search,” Naomi said.

The Mayor’s office even got involved, at one stage passing along a jobseeker enquiry after reading about the campaign in the paper.

“The Queensland Times deserves a lot of praise,” Naomi said. “Ipswich has a serious unemployment problem and the paper wanted to do something positive to help the local community.”

The Ipswich and Goodna sites continue to do their bit to tackle the issue, finding employment for about 80 local jobseekers in the last month.