Sian Jaquet is one of the world’s leading experts on relationships and family – and has been on an extraordinary personal journey.

We had the privilege of having Sian speak at the launch of the ParentsNext program with Employment Plus.These are three great pieces of advice I was given by working parents back when I was frightened that I couldn’t manage to be the best mum in the world and maintain my work.

1. Find others in the same boat and work together.

Support each other. No one else can truly understand what it’s like to be all things to everyone. Find your tribe to celebrate the small wins with and support each other through the tough times.

2. Don’t go to bed until everything is done the night before.

Have all meals planned or prepped, with lunch boxes made and in the fridge, clothes laid out and washing done – so it can quickly be hung out or in the dryer. School bags need to be by the door! That way you will have a fighting chance to get out the door on time without having a meltdown! It gives you the much needed moment you need to ask them put their shoes on for the seventh time!

3. It’s ok to keep a few pennies from your pay packet for yourself.

My mum told me that every working mum deserves a new lipstick and a new pair of knickers – however, unlike other superheros, we don’t have to wear them on the outside! Acknowledge and reward your hard work with a treat or two and look after how you feel on the inside. Self-esteem is stronger than any superpower.