How to apply for jobs online?

The job landscape is changing and now more often than not, employers require an online application with a cover letter and resume to apply for any type of work.

That’s why, before you start your job searching, you should first prepare to complete online job applications.

Here are some key things to remember before you start:

  • You will need to update your resume. Make sure your resume includes your current contact information and work history. Save your resume as yournameresume.doc, rather than with a generic file name like “resume.” This way, the hiring manager will connect you with the resume when they review it.
  • You will need access to the internet to lodge your application. If you don’t have access to this at home, why not try a local library or an Employment Plus office.
  • It is important to gather all the information the job advertisement asks for. Compiling this information at the start of the process will make for a short and pain free online application process where you can simply upload everything you have prepared at one time.
  • Some job boards and company websites require users to create an account when they apply for jobs. It’s a good idea to start your online job search by creating an account on at least one of the major job boards which may send you email alerts for jobs you might be interested in.
  • When you look for jobs online, the most effective way to search is to use job keywords to find jobs in the career fields and industries you are interested in. Keywords can be more effective than using the predefined search options because they search the entire listing (job description, job title, contact information, etc.) for the keyword(s) that you use.

Plus, don’t forget to:

  • Check your online and social media accounts, to make sure that everything that can be viewed by potential employers, will help and not hinder your application. If you’re not sure if something will be viewed as positively or negatively, it’s best to delete it.
  • Make sure you have a professional email address, i.e.
  • Spell check your resume, cover letter and email or application.
  • Stay focused, dedicated and search every day.
  • Keep smiling and remain positive.