It can be hard to maintain motivation, especially when we are constantly exposed to negative news and what can sometimes feel like relentless obstacles to overcome. But there are a few things we can do to help strengthen our mind and body and build resilience, which also feeds our motivation to keep working towards our goals.

  1. Stay healthy. A good night’s sleep and a healthy breakfast can do a world of good for your motivation. Try getting to bed an hour earlier, give yourself more time to make a nutritious breakfast, and try to work some exercise into your day. Even a morning or mid-afternoon walk can be just the thing to get your motivation back.
  1. Reward yourself. Try mapping out your job-hunting process to break down tasks. You can set some shorter and longer breaks to help structure your day. If you build rewards into your schedule – a cup of tea and a bickie or a chat with a mate – you’ll have an easier time motivating yourself to tick off your list of things to do. Get applications in, look for different roles, prepare for an interview. Get off your screen when you have a break from tasks to really ‘clear your head’.
  1. Find podcasts, apps or books on motivation. Helping people stay focused is big business. Absolutely everyone… even the most successful people on the planet, are challenged from time to time by the limits of their own motivation. There are loads of free podcasts by all sorts of people with smart tips. They’ve usually got great stories and might just be the thing you needed to hear to get you back into tasks.
  1. Get feedback. Not getting a job you really wanted may damage your motivation or make you doubt yourself. But, seeking feedback can help you put those situations into perspective and may actually be effective for boosting motivation. Ask your job coach for feedback from the employer about what they liked from your interview as well as the things they felt you could improve on. Knowledge is power. You’ll gain confidence from the good feedback and learn how to approach things differently next time.

These tips are inspired from an article written here: