Last updated: June 24, 2022

Do you love a chat? To help people? Or is your own company much more appealing?

Do you want to be a part of a lively team? Or do you love the idea of being able to get on with it while listening to your favourite tunes or podcast?

We’ve got loads of jobs in all sorts of locations at the moment – more than 1200 active listings to be precise! And while each job is as individual as the person in the role, here we’ve outlined the jobs types we’ve got in spades and who they’d ideally suit.

With 347 roles in factory and production line jobs, we’ve got plenty of positions for those who like to have mates to catch up with in the cafeteria, but are happy to get on with process jobs independently. These jobs can be repetitive, but they pay well and stress is generally low. There are opportunities to gain tickets to drive or use heavier machinery and earn more coin.

For those who love a chat and helping people we’ve got 120 call centre jobs on offer. Working in a call centre varies considerably. If you don’t mind the odd bit of rejection you could do outbound calling – or ‘telemarketing’ – and for ambitious callers there’s often great financial incentives to be made if you generate business leads. Alternatively, to manage inbound calls you will need to have the ‘patience gene’ because people are calling you with issues they’re having with a product or service. It’s a skill, but employers often value parents in this role given their extra experience in negotiating with tricky customers!

For those podcast listeners or music enthusiasts, we’ve got 204 cleaning jobs on our books. We often find employers are hiring groups of cleaners at once, so it can also be a great role to find for you and a friend or member of your community. This physical-but-fair-paying job is often the first type of role for those who don’t have a strong command of the English language. It welcomes everyone and we’ve all become a bit cleaner post-pandemic.

If you’re a real lover of food, then hospitality is the right place for you. We’ve got a menu of roles across our 128 hospitality jobs listings – from restaurant management and waitstaff to chefs and kitchen hands. Maybe you love chatting about the specials of the day, or you just want to hang out with the crew in the back, preparing meals. We’ve got you covered.

Those who love small talk and the thrill of a sale should look into one of our 103 retail positions. From check out operators to retail assistants to store managers… You can help people buy the things they need and enjoy the luxuries they deserve. Retail assistants often get great discounts from where they work too.

For those who prefer to be in the great outdoors and building a hard-earned thirst, we have our 99 roles in labouring. If a bit of physical exertion is how you like to spend you day – often a good way to keep fit – we have jobs for painters, builders, gardeners, insulation installers and live-stock workers.

And let’s not forget the angels living amongst us: our carers. If you want to make a meaningful difference to the experience of someone who needs care, you could look at one of our 90 roles in caring and support. We’ve got roles in Aged Care facilities, community workers, nursing support workers and personal care assistants.

We always have a range of unique or specialist jobs on offer too. Right now, we’re looking for everything from retail pharmacists, registered nurses and education aids to debt collectors, hotel managers and fishing hands.

Call your Job Coach today – the best jobs are the first to go!

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