At Employment Plus we understand it’s never just a job; a job brings self-esteem, comradery, a sense of purpose – not to mention financial independence.

Unemployment can bring with it a range of complex emotions. As such, we recognise the importance of providing mental health support to our candidates – both throughout the job seeking process and as they settle in to new roles.

Employment Plus works directly with our Allied Health Professionals, a team of experienced and highly-qualified team counsellors – to help job seekers manage their mental health as they go back to work. Through our site offices we identify and support those who need help before they are placed. We also complete post employment checks in the weeks and months to follow, to ensure a smooth transition into employment for both the job seeker and the business.

Allied Health helps job seekers – via phone, Skype or Facetime calls - to, help them work though issues and build resilience for the future. This includes identifying and making plans to address unique personal barriers; building a more positive, solution-focused mind-set; the exploration of personal goals; and, developing action plans to improve wellbeing and facilitate increased employability.

The candidates we’ll recommending for your business won’t just have the necessary technical skills to do the job, but the necessary life skills to cope with work pressures.

Our Allied Health partners are also happy to connect with any business working with us that may be interested in learning more about staff wellbeing. If COVID-19 has shown us anything, it’s that everyone can be susceptible to life changes that bring about mental health challenges.

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