Recruiter spotlight: Bakhtyar Hatamzada

What’s the biggest win you have had working at Employment Plus?

I developed a long term relationship with a local employer in the manufacturing industry. Due to the rapport that I had built with the employer by providing continued support, incentives, and a free of charge recruitment service, the employer was happy for me to refer candidates directly – and a high percentage of the candidates referred were offered long term employment. It was a win-win situation. The employer received a quality, free of charge service and good candidates, while our job seekers found sustainable employment. The employer employed seven candidates over a six week period.

Do you have any job interview tips for our employers?

Get to know the person. Make them comfortable so they can be open and tell you what they are capable of. Not everyone looks great on paper. Sometimes the best employees are the ones that struggle to express themselves in interviews.

What recruitment tips can you give a business that they may not be taking advantage of?

Take advantage of wage subsidies. So many employers shy away from them because they think they are being locked into a contract. Talk to the recruiters – it’s easy money that could help your business.

What would you tell a business choosing between recruiting with Employment Plus and a competitor?

Employment Plus is a not for profit organisation. We put people first. By hiring candidates through us, not only are you doing a service to the community but also any profit that we make goes back in to the community. I was a solicitor before joining The Salvation Army Employment Plus. I joined because we are here to make a difference.

What’s the secret to finding an ideal candidate for a new role?

Contacting The Salvation Army Employment Plus of course! Let us do our magic and find the perfect candidate for you.