Skye Jackson helps Employment Plus Youth Employment Consultant Taylor Basas do some shoe shopping

After years spent making people look fabulous in a hairdressing salon chair, job seeker Skye Jackson had to call it quits due to health reasons, but she's really fallen on her feet in a new role at the local shoe store.

The teenager has overcome some challenging odds in between jobs, finding herself couch-surfing when family and relationship challenges meant she needed to live independently at short notice.

However, as she tries a new housing arrangement on for size, as well as a new job, Skye is finally feeling right at home.

“Like anyone, I’ve had my challenges. While I started out hairdressing at around 15, I found I developed severe eczema and dermatitis from the chemicals and working in that environment was causing me constant discomfort. I needed to find a new way to earn money.

As Skye addressed her housing issue she also connected with The Salvation Army Employment Plus and her Youth Employment Consultant, Taylor Basas, suggested she look into building on her fantastic inter-personal skills by completing a Certificate III in Retail.

Following completion of her new qualification, Skye’s first job was in a bridal store but when the hours dropped to below what she needed to enjoy financial independence she applied for her current role at Spend Less Shoes.

“I’ve dealt with hair for all kinds of events, helped women hunting for the perfect wedding dress and I can honestly say fitting shoes has been the best role I’ve had yet!

“I think the biggest reason I enjoy it so much is that we’re a small team and I feel really supported. Everyone here is so friendly and the customers have been really lovely to date. I’m so glad I took Taylor’s advice and have created this opportunity for myself.

“My boss Virginia is amazing at Spend Less Shoes. I feel so relaxed because when we have issues they are solved up front and those dynamics are important for me; they give me more confidence.”

Employment Plus Youth Employment Consultant, Taylor Basas, said one of the best parts of her job is to see young people continue to grow in both independence and confidence.

“It can be hard to know what to do next if you’re suddenly unemployed or struggling to pay rent. We’re here to help and we knew Skye would be an absolute asset to the right employer.”

Spend Less Shoes Store Manager, Virginia McNeil, says shoe retail game is one that keeps you on the balls of your feet.

“Skye is a lovely person, who is bubbly and friendly and listens so well to the customer. She fits in really well with the team. Skye just came in for a casual position advertised and was actually offered the Assistant Manager Role due to her great persona. We’re very pleased to date.”