Around 500 job seekers – with an even split across different life stages – responded to our recent survey on how you’ve been finding your employment journey.

Approximately three quarters of you had worked in the last 6-12months with the remaining quarter having looked longer for work.

When it comes to the main motivation for getting a job, 76% of you said this was financial gain, with independence (47%), learning new things (43%), having less worries (43%) and feeling like part of a community (31%) rounding out the top five reasons for seeking employment.

Others provided more personal reasons, such as: regaining custody of their kids, being able to afford a wedding, having a chance at a new life and feeling pride in giving back to the community.

Pleasingly, the majority of job seekers found Employment Plus to be honest and accountable, non-judgemental, caring and keen to make a positive difference. You’ve also given us some feedback about how we can better support you in our approach to face to face meetings and through our contact systems. We’re taking this on board and will be sharing your suggestions with all our staff to ensure our service continues to improve.

Of those of you that work with us, most were referred by Centrelink. We’re so glad you found us and if you have any friends or family in a similar position that could benefit from our services, please feel free to refer them to us.

We are happiest when we’re positively changing lives and enjoyed getting these kinds of messages from our readers:

“I have been able to get my self-esteem back after moving from [previous provider] to Salvos Employment Plus. They did not see my age as an employment problem or think that my mental health challenges were false. I found with their kindness and respect I could feel important enough to be worthwhile to an employer.”

“I am currently in a drug and alcohol rehab program provided by The Salvation Army, it has reconnected me with my children.”

“I live and work in a very small town and have been very happy with the interaction. I don't drive anymore and E Plus staff have been kind to me. I don't require a lot of help with my work and life balance, but when I have any questions I know that I will get a response.”