As a job seeker with Employment Plus, you have access to the extensive support we provide in your quest for work. But we can support you in other areas of your life, too.

The Salvation Army, our parent organisation, has a long history of helping those in need and we are proud to be able to tap into those services as needed.

Whether you’re struggling personally or financially, we’re here to lend a helping hand.

Allied Health is one of the most well-used services, which can provide you with free counselling services. A chance to offload a worry or concern and get a different perspective can make a significant difference in how confident you feel facing adversity.

Here’s a list of some of the services we provide through The Salvation Army, and information on how you can access them.

Addiction Rehabilitation: The Salvation Army is one of Australia’s largest providers of alcohol and other drugs treatment services. If you’re looking for a place of hope, compassion and dignity to support you as you overcome your challenges, we are here for you. Across Australia, we offer a range of programs including withdrawal management, residential rehabilitation, non-residential rehabilitation, community programs and harm reduction services. If you are interested in treatment services, talk to your job coach and/or visit the website for details:

Court and Prison Support: Our chaplains are available at some prisons to provide emotional and/or spiritual support without discrimination for offenders, their families and any other people in the prison system. To find out more visit:

Domestic and Family Violence Support: The Salvation Army provides a wide range of services around the country to support women and families impacted by domestic and family violence. We offer domestic violence help through our refuges, children’s and parenting services, counselling, support, men’s programs, and accommodation. We also provide advice to women and children who are experiencing, or who have experienced, family and domestic violence. If you or someone you know is experiencing domestic and family violence, help is available. Our family violence stream will help you address immediate safety issues and provide advice, referrals and connection to assist you on your recovery journey.

The Salvation Army is committed to providing domestic violence support and services that are inclusive to people of all genders, ages, people living with a disability, and those from LGBTIQ+ and CALD communities. For more information please visit:

Financial Assistance: While Employment Plus can provide some assistance to help you with costs related to your job search, if you find yourself in a sudden crisis, The Salvation Army has a deeper network to support you with immediate basic needs:

Doorways - Doorways provides emergency relief and holistic case management with referral to internal and external support services. Doorways works hand in hand with our Moneycare financial counselling program to assist individuals to regain control of their finances. We provide early-education and prevention strategies for people who may be at risk of financial hardship.

Moneycare - Financial troubles can be a major cause of stress but if you’re struggling with money, you’re not alone. You can start to solve your money worries with Moneycare services. Our qualified team understands that everyone’s finances are different. They can offer you step-by-step advice on how to put your money problems behind you.

Moneycare provides the following services:

  • Financial coaching
  • Financial counselling
  • No-interest loans

To find out more visit:

Housing and Homelessness Support: The Salvation Army is the largest provider of homelessness services in Australia. Services are free, voluntary, accredited and delivered by professional and committed staff. Salvation Army Housing is a community housing organisation that provides homes for individuals and families who are homeless or at risk of homelessness, are on low incomes and those with specific support needs. We run a range of programs which include long-term housing, transitional housing, crisis accommodation and rooming house properties. For more information visit here:

Learn to drive: If you are you aged between 16 to 25 years of age and live in New South Wales, Queensland, or Western Australia, our ‘Drive for Life’ training and mentoring program can help you obtain your driver’s licence. The program is designed for young people who may find it difficult to achieve their drivers licence due to a variety of factors. To find out more visit: