The ideal way to combat stress

Our qualified Allied Health team tell you the five IDEAL steps that can help you with feelings of pressure and anxiety.

Identify the warning signs.

To first tackle stress, you will need to identify the trigger. It’s time for some self-reflection. What are you thinking? Can you concentrate? Do you see negatives in everything? What is your mood like? Consider how your body is feeling – muscle aches and pains, getting sick frequently, chest pain and rapid heartbeat are all symptoms of stress.

Diagnose the problem

Have a think about what could be causing the problem. Is the source of the problem your work? Home? Health? Family, friends or colleagues? How are these areas affecting your actual work? One way to spot your stress source is to keep a journal for one or two weeks. Reflect on your journal and look for patterns.

Explore positive or alternative solutions

Think about the different ways in which you can wind down. There may be a better alternative than reaching for junk food or another drink. There are many ways in which you can unwind – including a simple 30 minute walk, rediscovering a hobby or just getting a good night’s sleep. Many business owners struggle with establishing boundaries between work and home. It may be helpful to consider a tactic, such as not checking work emails after 6pm to help relieve pressure. Of course – a shoulder to lean on is vital. Talk to someone – share your frustrations with your friends, family or colleagues.

Apply a solution.

Don’t just think about that walk or hobby – take action and do it.

Look at and learn

Reflect on which solutions have worked for you. What did you like or enjoy? How did it make you feel? If your action didn’t work, try something different. Once you find an action you are comfortable with and enjoy, learn to incorporate it into your everyday life.

Next time you are feeling the pressure from work, try the IDEAL steps to see if you can alleviate your stress. A counsellor is also a terrific next step to help unburden yourself. Employment Plus offer an in-house Allied Health team that provides support and assistance for your business. If you need support, advice or have any concerns you wish to discuss with a professional, click here.