Top ten habits of successful business owners

Daily routine plays a huge part in our success – and business owners are no exception. Routine is key when operating an organisation day to day, whether it’s opening your store at a certain time, checking your emails regularly or making time to relax after work. We take a look at the top ten most important habits of noteworthy business owners.

10. They read. Whether it’s a book, magazine or listening to an Audible subscription, there’s always something for a business owner to learn to help business thrive.

9. They relax. It’s hard to switch off when running a business, but essential to take time to let the mind unwind. Employment Plus can provide an Allied Health consultant for tips on how to breathe easy.

8. They think outside the box. They are always thinking of new ways to roll out their ideas and asking – ‘how else can we do this?’

7. They hit the road. Successful business owners visit their sites, meet the people on the ground and understand the territories in which their business operates.

6. They get organised. Entrepreneurs reply, organise, sort and delete emails when they come in. Better yet, they automate the process by setting up rules to keep their inbox streamlined.

5. They understand and listen to their staff – not only to their workplace concerns but also to learn about their lives.

4. They minimise unimportant decision making. Business owners spend their efforts on work and don’t worry about minor questions such as what to wear or what to have for breakfast. By simplifying their life, entrepreneurs focus on what’s important.

3. They think about what the customer wants – and find out how they can capitalise on that.

2. They give back to the community. Socially responsible people feel connected to the people and places around them, leading to a healthier frame of mind.

1. They accept failure. When an idea doesn’t get off the ground, a successful business owner tries again. Being unafraid of hitting rock bottom gives an entrepreneur room to launch new and exciting ideas without restraint.

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