When looking for work we might start with thinking about what kind of job we’d like or have the skills to do. What kind of job will align with life commitments, or the kind of money we need to earn to support ourselves or family. And then it’s about getting connected to employment services, preparing a CV and looking for opportunities.

What’s not often talked about is the financial costs of getting started in a new job.

We can help with these costs. Here are a few of the areas we can contribute to:


From a survey in this newsletter we learned round half of our job seekers have cars. The others rely on public transport, lifts from family or friends to get to interviews, or even their own two feet.

Some people have access to a car, but they need their licence or the money to register the car or get it roadworthy. Maybe things are so tight they need a bit of help with petrol money, or a top up on their PT travel card or a taxi voucher.

The Salvation Army Employment Plus can help you with this. We understand overcoming the logistics of getting to work can make all the difference in the success of finding and keeping a job.

How do you access this? Talk to your job coach about your specific transport situation and they’ll let you know what can be provided.


Starting a new job can be daunting. Even the calmest of people can get a case of the butterflies. How we look when we turn up to a job will have a direct impact on how confident we feel.

It’s not about the fashion. It’s about feeling presentable and knowing you’ve got the right gear needed to carry out your work.
Maybe you need scrubs for a medical environment, a high vis vest, steel cap shoes, a hard hat, some chefs whites for a kitchen or some smart office attire.

The Salvation Army Employment Plus is connected to many different uniform and clothing providers who will have you feeling smart, comfortable and job-ready from day one. And for those who do love fashion - our Salvos stores can help you get creative with your new wardrobe.

How do you access this? Talk to your job coach about the specific kind of job you’re looking for and what clothing is deemed necessary for the role. NB: Often employers we’re working with will let us know, so we can tell you what you need!


Sometimes you need to learn new skills and sometimes you need the tools of the trade.

From IT training and work tickets to tools, traffic control paddles and even lap tops, The Salvation Army Employment Plus can help you get the gear you need to be job ready.

By completing training towards a certificate or ticket to use heavy machinery your job options can really open up. And we can help you with the fees associated in getting those qualifications.

How do you access this? Talk to your job coach about your work ambitions and any training you think you might need. Employers will often talk directly to Employment Plus about necessary equipment. We all want you to be ready on day one.


Similar to clothing, your own personal appearance can have a huge impact on your confidence when it comes to getting a job. Looking after yourself is an important skill to be able to show employers so they know you’ll take care of your work tasks and their customers too!

The Salvation Army has helped people with haircuts, getting a new front tooth, and getting some advice on how to live a healthier lifestyle.

How do you access this? You guessed it. Your wonderful job coach. Have a chat to them about anything around personal grooming that’s impacting your confidence in job seeking.