You may be surprised to discover that The Salvation Army created Employment Plus in 1998, to deliver on their aim of helping people to find work that supports their wellbeing and benefits the community.

We’re still living that same legacy today, and rather than absorbing our profits, we give them back to the organisation that gave us our start: The Salvation Army.

You see, we’re fuelled by the knowledge of just how many people we can help through just one job, and that’s why we know it’s never just a job. For every job seeker we help, and every business we partner with, there is a direct benefit for those living rough, or in terrible situations.

So, when you choose us as your recruiter you’re also actively supporting The Salvation Army to fulfil their mission of providing hope, opportunity and freedom to all Australians, without discrimination.

In FY18 alone, our contribution to The Salvation Army allowed them to help provide 13,046 people with some form of housing, be it crisis, short or long term. And that’s not all we can do...

  • With $20,000 we can help find a home for four young people this year through supported accommodation and casework
  • $700 can assist a disadvantaged young person to purchase furniture and appliances
  • $22,800 will help provide six months of food and crisis housing for a person experiencing homelessness
  • With $28 we can help children at risk of homelessness to participate in an after-school program

When you work with us, you are helping people all around Australia, to receive invaluable support from The Salvation Army.

Thank you for choosing us and for making a difference in the lives of those less fortunate.