Last updated: July 7, 2022

Firstly, we really appreciate the time you took to fill out our employer survey – we received the most responses we’ve ever had, which reflects how important finding talent is right now for all business owners, managers and HR teams.

While only 40% of you have had contact with an employment services provider in the past six months, in a tight employment market and with the pandemic and other illnesses continuing to impact the workforce we know this number is set to increase in the coming year.

While most of you (77%) knew we were here to help you find staff, less of you knew we could also help with upskilling and training (38%), post placement support (36%), work experience (26%) and access to wage subsidies (22%). This has encouraged us to share more detail on how we can benefit your business with these additional services. So, stay tuned – or feel free to ask us directly about how we can easily enhance our service for you.

Pleasingly, ‘helpful’ was the word that came to mind most frequently for survey respondents and 44% of you felt the ‘Plus’ in our name stood for more support and care in our service.

It was also good to hear that 65% of you felt we cared more than other job service providers you’ve worked with.

Here’s some more personal anecdotal feedback we really appreciated:

  • I attended the Red Shield Appeal the other day and found it really moving and emotional and I was happy I got to be a part of seeing the testimonials, videos and awards given. It definitely opened my eyes and gave me a refresher on what it is all about.
  • I would use The Salvation Army services when looking for employees particularly if my company/organisation could not find employees from the main employment firms.
  • The Salvation Army could help solve labour shortages in organisations such as hospitals, retails and even schools, plus it could effectively cut-out a lot of red tape
  • I believe that these kind of organisations are vital in assisting people to find gainful employment

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