While 2021 has continued to be a year of disruption – certainly in some parts of the country more than others – one thing there’s not been a shortage of: jobs!

The Salvation Army Employment Plus is pleased that jobs listings have continued to rise this year and we’ve got something for everyone.

Reviewing this year’s Top 15 job listings, we were pleased to see a wide range of industries represented, providing opportunities for all sorts of job seekers. The most listings we saw across the year were in:

ADMINISTRATION: Clerical and Administrative Workers

HEALTHCARE: Aged and Disabled Carers, Nursing Support and Personal Care Workers

FACTORY & LABOURING: Manufacturers, Factory Process Workers, Labourers

HOSPITALITY: Cafe Workers, Kitchenhands, Hospitality Workers

LOGISTICS & TRANSPORT: Packers, Delivery Drivers, Truck Drivers

RETAIL: Store Persons, Sales Assistants

SANITATION: Commercial Cleaners

We also saw a few sectors offering greater numbers of jobs in different state areas.

In Victoria, ACT and Queensland we saw lots of openings for Factory Process Workers and Labourers as well as Sales Assistants/Store persons. West Melbourne had a significant amount of jobs advertised in manufacturing and packing.

In NSW it was Nursing Support and Care Workers, Commercial Cleaners, Labourers and Sales Assistants.

In Tasmania, Labouring, Cleaning and Sales Assistants offered the most opportunity.

While in the NT and South West region of WA, openings were quite evenly spread across many categories – with the exception of Labourers roles, which offered twice as many jobs as any other type in those areas.

If any of these spark inspiration, contact your Job Coach to ask about available positions in your area. If you’re worried about experience we might also be able to help with any training, so you can become job-ready for a role you’ll love!