Top interview tips for employers

Your Employment Plus Recruiter has lined up some potential employees for you to meet – but you’re not sure where to begin. Take a look at our top interview tips for employers, to help you find the employee you want.

Think about who you are searching for.

What are your top three non-negotiable traits in a new staff member? Concentrate on these. Don’t forget – Employment Plus has the ability to offer a helping hand to some potential employees who are almost the right fit, in terms of licences, uniforms, support and more.

Re-read the candidate’s resume.

Familiarise yourself with the candidate’s resume before they arrive. This gives you the opportunity to understand their work history, skills and strengths before they are sitting in front of you. Compare their CV against your key selection criteria and give yourself time to think of the right questions to ask.

Find the right venue

Find a venue that will be comfortable for both you and your potential employee. Offer them a glass of water when they arrive and make sure there will be no disturbances for the duration of the interview.


Concentrate on your job seeker’s answers and body language. Recruiter Amanda Dryden, says “When you meet a candidate and are walking with them – whether it’s back to your desk or walking about the site to show them around – see if they match your walking pace. [Pending a mobility issue] a good candidate will match the walking pace you set and not lag behind.”

Avoid illegal interview questions.

Some questions are inappropriate or illegal to ask during a job interview. Questions that should not be asked include those about age, race, national origin, gender, religion, marital status and sexual orientation. If you’re not sure if it’s appropriate – don’t ask – or ask an Employment Plus staff member for advice in advance. We’re happy to give you guidance on interview questions.

Let the candidate speak about themselves and find out what they’re looking for.

Give the candidate an opportunity to speak about themselves. This can be done with a simple, “Tell me about yourself and what you’re looking for”. You’ll be able to understand a lot about a potential employee’s personality, level of enthusiasm and work ethic by letting them speak of their own accord.

Finish on a high note

Make sure when the candidate leaves, they have been provided with all the information they need to know about the job by asking them if they have any questions. Make sure you are comfortable with your knowledge of the job seeker’s skill set and attitude to work.