We meet Recruiter Mindi Smart to learn her tips and tricks

What’s the biggest win you have had working at Employment Plus?

The biggest win is always seeing new staff who are the right fit making a difference in a business. With the right people in place, owners and manager have more time to focus on managing the business. They are often very grateful when we can reduce their workload and assist in such a time consuming process.

What’s the secret to finding an ideal candidate for a new role?

The secret to finding the ideal candidate is to have a thorough understanding of the business’ needs – and understanding the qualities that are most important to them. Translating that information to candidates clearly so they know what is expected is also a vital part of the success. All parties need to understand exactly what the key areas to focus on are – with no surprises. Constant communication and clarity are key components.

What recruitment tips can you give a business that they may not be taking advantage of?

Why not consider taking on an intern? This is an excellent way to try out a young person to see if they are the right fit for your business. The PaTH program will let you trial a young person in your business and give you help with wage and training costs.

What would you tell a business choosing between recruiting with Employment Plus and a competitor?

At Employment Plus we will work with you for the first six months to enhance your new employee and make them the best possible fit for your business. This can include further training and support along the way. We work hard to network with training providers and other businesses so we know the services that will best assist your needs – and if we don’t we will work hard to find them.

What other benefits or tips can you offer employers?

Employment Plus has partnered with The Australian Industry Group. The great news is we work with them to offer a free Workplace Advice Line to assist with most HR needs. This is a valuable tool that lets employers gain immediate advice on matters like awards, termination, performance management and employment contracts. This is exclusive to Employment Plus so you can have the luxury of an industrial relation specialist – something that many small to medium businesses just don’t have.

Mindi is just one of the many motivated Recruiters who work at Employment Plus. If you need someone reliable and trustworthy to find your next candidate, call 136 123 or click here.