This is not about saving money on your electricity bill – although you might in the process – but you’ll simply get paid for spending around 10 mins doing the comparison. It’s part of the state government’s initiative to keep our power companies competitive.

These offers aren’t available in all states but the current participating programs are linked below.

There is a fresh round of $250 instant rebates available for Victorians from the 24th March 2023 – even if you made a comparison last year.


In NSW there is a Family Energy Rebate of $250 for families registered for the Family Tax Benefit. This round of rebates closes on the 23rd June 2023.



Surveys are another good way to make a bit of spare cash. You’ll notice we send our surveys to you from time to time so that we can learn what you find useful, how we can improve our service etc. And plenty of other companies want to know your thoughts too!

There are four survey companies affiliated with Aussie Paid Surveys and you can earn up to $75 a week – or $300 a month – for answering surveys and polls and giving your opinion on things. See the link below to sign up and try them out.

Aussie Paid Surveys


It’s not instant money, but if you’ve had a few different jobs over the years, chances are you’ve got some missing superannuation out there! According to the Find My Super site there is over $20 billion in lost super! Do NOT miss out on your share!

Find my Super


If you have a petrol-using vehicle you’ll know the difference the cost of fuel can have on your budget.

Clever app Petrol Spy can help you see who’s running a fuel special close by. It covers all the major cities and locations in between!

Petrol Spy


Data can be expensive. So, to reducing chewing through your own data plan, make your own plans to do your web-needing work when you are out and about.

Around most cities and town there are reliable WiFi hot spots. These usually don’t require a password set up and are at places like train stations, libraries and civic squares – like Fed Square in Melbourne or Martin Place in Sydney.

Streaming probably won’t be fast enough to binge a season of on-demand TV and users are cautioned to avoid sensitive transactions (like banking, for example) on a public WiFi network and to always use strong passwords.