At Employment Plus, we understand that finding a job can be tough. From the highs of securing your first interview, to the lows of being knocked back a second, third or even fourth time, we’ve been through it all.

Whether you’re living in regional Australia or in the city, are new to the country or have been here your whole life, are just starting out or getting back into the workforce, we can help you find a job that you’ll love.

It’s never just a job to us

We’ve secured access to some of Australia’s most successful employment programs and services, including jobactive, Transition to Work, Disability Employment Services, ParentsNext and Smart, Skilled and Hired, all geared to give you the structure and support you need to find a job.

The help we offer you, will depend on your individual circumstances. However, some examples include: guidance with writing resumes and cover letters, job coaching, free training, and access to unadvertised jobs.

Unlike many other employment providers, we are not-for-profit and our focus is on you, the job seeker, and how we can support our communities through employment. That’s why our profits go back into The Salvation Army, where we use that money to help Australians going through tough times.

Now you’re registered with Employment Plus, what happens next?
How we find you a job