What is Work for the Dole?

Work for the Dole is part of the Australian Government’s jobactive framework. The service provides job seekers with real work experience, by placing them in activities where they can build new skills, experience and confidence, to transition from welfare to work.

How does Work for the Dole work?

As part of Work for the Dole, you will undertake work-like activities at a host organisation, whilst you continue to receive income support and assistance from Centrelink and Employment Plus.

If you participate in the program, you will also receive an extra $20.80 per fortnight to assist with expenses such as transport.

Who needs to participate in Work for the Dole?

If you have been working with Employment Plus as a job seeker for more than 12 months, you will need to take part in Work for the Dole, or another approved activity, for six months of every year that you remain a job seeker with us.

What do job seekers get out of Work for the Dole?

Work for the Dole is a bridging program, to help job seekers find their feet and gain practical experience, within actual organisations and community projects. For those new to employment, to people trying to overcome personal barriers to reenter the workforce, Work for the Dole provides real-world skills and experiences to those that need them.

What types of work is available under Work for the Dole?

Examples of Work for the Dole activities, might include:

  • Gardening and maintenance works.
  • Conservation or environmental activities.
  • Retail work.
  • Hospitality services.
  • Office administration.
  • Warehouse duties.

Want to know more?

If you are a job seeker and would like to know more about Work for the Dole, call 136 123 or speak with your Employment Plus consultant.