Job hunting and navigating life as a young person

Life after school comes with a heap of decisions, milestones and opportunities. It can be very daunting at the best of times and the effects of Covid-19 have made life even more challenging for young people.

We’ve collated some handy articles to help you with job hunting right now:

Using your downtime between jobs to upskill

If you're still in lockdown, or really struggling to find work at the moment, this could be the perfect time to retrain or upskill so you're in the strongest possible position when the economy begins to pick up again.

If you're registered with Employment Plus, speak to your Job Coach about the current virtual and live training courses we have available at no cost to you.

The show must go on!

Although life has changed considerably since Covid-19, it's not all doom and gloom. Whether you're planning on studying, training, working or travelling, the world can still be your oyster in 2022 and beyond, with a few considerations and changes.

Feeling anxious? Here's a great video to help tackle it.

Are you really struggling right now?

Covid-19 has been devastating for many young people and we know this could be a very challenging time for you. We have compiled a list of great resources for you to turn to when times are really tough. Please see our Crisis Support page on the link below and please do not hesitate to reach out for help when you need it. There are so many kind people out there who want to help you get through this. We are thinking of you and sending all our care and support.

Need help with you job search?

For more information talk to your local Employment Plus office.