What is ParentsNext?

ParentsNext is a free support program to help eligible parents plan and prepare for employment by the time their youngest child turns six.

Employment Plus works with ParentsNext participants in areas of South Australia to help set education and employment goals, develop pathways to achieve goals and link you to support services and activities in the local community.

Finding a job can be hard when you’ve been away from the workforce.

That’s why we’re proud to be able to help, so that parents can focus on being the best Mum or Dad they can be.

For the latest news and updates regarding ParentsNext, we encourage you to visit the Department of Social Services website. This official source provides valuable information about the program, including any changes, eligibility criteria updates, and additional resources.

Could ParentsNext be right for you?

ParentsNext has helped thousands of people find a realistic, achievable and enjoyable path back to a rewarding and satisfying career after taking time out for parenthood.