What is ParentsNext?

ParentsNext is a free support program to help eligible parents plan and prepare for employment by the time their child goes to school.

Employment Plus works with ParentsNext participants in areas of South Australia to help set education and employment goals, develop pathways to achieve goals and to provide access to services and activities in the local community.

Finding a job can be hard when you’ve been away from the workforce.

That’s why we’re proud to be able to help, so that parents can be focus on being the best Mum or Dad they can be.

Am I eligible for ParentsNext?

Parents are able to access the free program if they are in receipt of a Centrelink Parenting Payment from Centrelink and meet eligibility criteria, which includes:

  • Having no employment earnings during the past six months.
  • Having a child aged under six years.
  • Residing in the Playford Council or Port Adelaide Enfield Council areas in South Australia. For other areas, contact Centrelink for information about providers in your area.

What help do I receive as a ParentsNext participant?

As a ParentsNext participant, we will help you to:

  • Gain the confidence you need to get into the workforce.
  • Identify any skills gaps.
  • Identify education and employment goals.
  • Develop a pathway to achieve your goals.
  • Combine preparing for work with parenting responsibilities.
  • Access complementary activities and services in the local community.

Over the course of the program you will meet with an Employment Plus coach regularly. They will help you update your participation plan and complete activities for employment or further education.

Remember, we’re part of your community and will always be on hand to guide, support and motivate you.

Is there any additional help available for ParentsNext participants?

We understand that as a parent, you may need specialised support, such as help to:

  • Obtain or increase useful qualifications.
  • Develop practical job skills and interview techniques.
  • Smooth out any obstacles that make work or education difficult.
  • Access child care assessment.

You may also be eligible to access a range of other support including a participation fund, wage subsidies and relocation assistance.

Please note that parents entitled to child care assistance can refer to the ‘Assistance with child care fees page’ on the Department of Human Services website.

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